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Does Going to Jail make you More Libertarian? 


Police Forging the Murderous Reality of the Police State

“…at what point in time

do you just start shooting back?

When you see one

you might as well just kill him

because if you don’t kill him,

he’s gonna kill you.

This is how President Trump treats the Hero of Wikileaks who got him Elected by exposing  dirt of the previous Administration.

What chance do You think You have of Donald Trump doing ANYTHING for You???

Donald Trump isn’t going to do Anything to Free the Felons or other convicted persons or those with their rights taken for other Statist Excuses.  Donald Trump is only looking for More Ways to Make More Criminals out of Law Abiding peaceful people.

Stop Wasting Your Vote on Politicians who make it Very Clear they will continue to Take Your Rights and continue to Enslave You.

Make YOUR VOTE COUNT in 2020. Vote KOKESH for President, and Get Your Freedom Back!

“The entire political debate in America today.”

“We think we’re the Doctor,

We’re the Disease.

We have to

Destroy the System.”

Prison Labor is Real in America

Will YOU

Stand Together


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