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Slider Image of US District Court in Concord, NH sourced from Granite State Livestreams


JANUARY 30, 2020 Concord, NH

January 30, 2020 – Update!  Daniel Riley and Jason Gerhard were released today from prison with “time served”.

January 15, 2020, –  Felons for Kokesh Coalition announces the potential impending Release of two currently imprisoned Political Prisoners from U.S. Federal Prisons.  On January 30, 2020 in Concord, New Hampshire, both Jason Gerhard and Daniel Riley will be appearing in person in U.S. Federal District Court.  Both Riley and Gerhard have served prison Sentences since 2007 when they were Charged with Ed and Elaine Brown for defying the US Internal Revenue Service.  Riley and Gerhard were supporters of Ed and Elaine Brown of Plainfield, NH who Ron Paul had characterized as Heroes for their stand against paying taxes to the IRS.   Gerhard and Riley had long prison Sentences yet to be Served but for the US Supreme Court decision in US v. Davis announced this past July, 2019, which revealed that the large portions of Enhanced Sentences issued to Americans all across the nation under Title 18 US Code Sec 924 (c) “crimes of violence” were unconstitutional.  As reported by New Hampshire Public Radio recently, Ed and Elaine Brown are also both trying to win their Freedom since their Sentences have been similarly ruled unconstitutional.  Riley and Gerhard have been actively petitioning the Federal Court challenging these matters and demanding their Freedom since even before US v. Davis was decided.  The U.S. Court of Appeals has been holding up the Habeas Corpus appeals with every delay and procedural stumbling block so as to give the Government’s Prosecutors time to concoct a basis for reSentencing these Heroes under other grounds. The US Court of Appeals has finally handed the matter to the U.S. District Court where they will decide if they are going to abide by the SCOTUS decision in U.S. v. Davis and Release these Political Prisoners or adopt the government’s arguments to find new grounds to reSentence them to more years in prison.  We are looking for supporters to attend the Government’s reSentencing Hearings of Jason Gerhard and Daniel Riley at noon at the US District Courthouse in Concord, NH on January 30, 2020.  Be there to see them released and cheer for them, or be there to witness the tyranny and let them know none of this is forgotten.

It should be pointed out that these large portions of Enhanced Sentences being served by the Brown’s, Gerhard and Riley were the only parts of their Sentences left to be Served which they were and still are currently Serving despite the SCOTUS ruling that their Imprisonment under that Law is Unlawful.  Don’t let yourself think that just because the Supreme Court rules that you are being held in prison unlawfully that the guards or the warden or the governor or the President or any other tyrant here in the Land of Justice and Freedom, (the Example for the rest of the world), will be demanding your Release.  So imagine that you are convicted of some crime and years later the Supreme Court rules that your imprisonment is unlawful and you scream out the prison bars for your freedom but no one hears you. Instead they tell you, ‘yeah, we’re going to hold you until we can think up something new on you.’  This is the nightmarish reality of what is really happening right now in the lives of these political prisoners in Concord, New Hampshire.

Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Adam Kokesh has stated unequivocally that he would Presidentially Pardon all four of these Heroic Political Prisoners when he is Elected president later this year.   Political Prisoners in cells all across the Land of the Free are similarly looking at Presidential Pardons when Kokesh is Elected.  –

“Is the solution Congressman, to say that ‘I honorably object to paying my taxes so I won’t.’  Is that the solution? Do you endorse that solution?  Yes, I do. “

As reported by The Boston Globe: “Their ardent followers brought the Browns food, water, and other supplies including cellphones. Many supporters stayed on the sprawling compound, including at one point Randy Weaver, who infamously resisted arrest at Ruby Ridge in Idaho in 1992.”

Meanwhile, here in the Land of Tyranny and Conspicuously Vile Federal Judges, It is Well Known Common Knowledge in Washington, D.C., that IRS Employees are Above The Law and do not pay taxes.