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“Adam Kokesh built this site for everyone that wants to further freedom.  Come see what he’s up to and how to connect!”

Unlike other Presidents, Adam Kokesh is not Promising to make more laws so that more Law-Abiding Citizens may be rendered into Convicted Felons by the Federal Government.  This system of continual enslavement Ends with Your Vote for Adam Kokesh.

Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Adam Kokesh on FOX Discussing his Plan to Dissolve large parts of the Federal Government

Kokesh Live Stream at Felons for Kokesh dot com

24/7 Continuous Livestream

Americans Spend More of their Money Supporting Government

than they Spend Supporting Themselves.

Does the Government really do That Much for you

that you would support them like they were your Family

or would you rather have your FREEDOM Back?

Put an End to the IRS Theft of your money.

  Spend Your Money supporting You and Your Family

instead of a government that Imprisons you.

Vote KOKESH for President 2020

to put an END to the IRS.

“Adam Kokesh is running for President!  Want to know what he has to say?  Why he would run for such a horrid position?  This is the site to check out.”

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