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Please contact Adam Kokesh directly at adam@thefreedomline.com to get your name on the list for a Pardon, or to get your friend or family member on the list.  Please do not wait until the last day before the Election to get your name on the list.  There are tens of millions of you and there are very few days between Election Day and Inauguration Day to get this all done, so Please help out.  Thank you.

Contact Adam Kokesh directly at


You can

Rock the State

by getting the message of Pardons into the prisons and jails.  Over 25 million felons in America means  tens of millions of us who CAN vote have a lot at stake in the next election.  If we come together to vote for our freedom, we can win.  Just do the math.   25 million of us felons are of voting age and each of us has at least one other friend or family member who would benefit greatly if we got a pardon and got our lives together.  That’s 50 million votes and we didn’t even leave the house yet.  Trump and Clinton split 128 million votes in the last election. When we take 50 million of those votes away for us, that leaves the Democrats and Trump with 39 million votes each, and We Win.  If you want to be optimistic about it, there are 77 million americans with criminal records which includes misdemeanors who could also get Presidential Pardons or benefit from voting for Kokesh for President 2020.  That number of votes would rip the State a new asshole.  The governments of America have finally offended and victimized so many of us that we now outnumber them at the polls if we stick together.  If you really want your Freedom, if you are tired of living imprisoned with a conviction you have long ago paid for in full, then its time you and your family set you free.  Get this message of Freedom to all your loved ones in prison and give them hope, and promise them you will vote for Adam Kokesh.

Printable Flyers for Prisoners

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