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This site is made for felons but encourages those that are not felons as well.  With a prison population that is larger than any other country in the world and prison quotas abound, the men and women of this country are suffering as well as their families.  

The problem isn’t just the outrageous and arbitrary lengths of sentencing, but the life endured after sentencing has occurred is a disaster.  Freedoms due any citizen are stripped away even after the sentence has been served.  For the rest of their lives, Felons are meant to endure the humiliation of not being able to support themselves or their families beyond a meager existence.  Felons are often not allowed to vote or hold public office.  Felons can no longer protect themselves or their family with a firearm.

It may be a simple brushoff to assume that Felons are violent evil people that deserve whatever they are given.  This inhumane way of thinking is their curse.  Did you know, however, that only 3.54% of Felons from 2007 – 2008 were put in prison for violent offenses?  The rest were charged with non-violent crimes… meaning they didn’t lay a finger on anyone else.  This means that over 96% of felons you will meet on any given day didn’t do bodily harm to anyone else.

To see this for yourself, check out this page from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

*  Adam Kokesh  *

The Presumptive Nominee of the Libertarian Party for

* President of The United States 2020 *

Will Sign an Executive Order Granting Pardons

to the vast majority of Convicted Felons and Others

on His First Day in Office

Make Your Freedom a Part of this Jubilee

Make Your Family’s Freedom a Part of this Jubilee

Kokesh For President 2020

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